Krinner Large Christmas Tree Stand (up to 9ft)

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Robust German designed Christmas tree stand suitable for up to 9ft trees

The Krinner Premium L is equipped with the original all-round single-rope technology. The continuous rope guide guarantees the even pressure of the claws on the trunk. Simply place the tree in the stand, step on the foot pedal, done! Whether thick, thin or crooked, the tree stands securely and bolt upright. The patented safety bell in the foot pedal gives an audible signal when the claws are securely and firmly in contact with the tree and the foot lever lock is automatically engaged. This eliminates the need to bend down to check whether the tree is stable or to secure the foot pedal. In addition, the patented safety belt ensures extra safety thanks to its step-by-step opening mechanism and prevents unwanted tipping.

Dimensions: 37cm diameter

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Shipped within 3 working days from late November unless ordered with a Christmas tree for a specific delivery date