Help & FAQs

What precautions are you taking for Covid-19

  • On All our staff are tested for Covid-19 and we sterilise our vehicles daily to ensure we maintain a safe environment for our customers and staff. We are also offering contactless deliveries as an option. For any further information or queries please email us at

What kind of selection of trees will I get?

  • On your day of delivery we will arrive with a selection of the size & shape of tree you ordered

What if I don’t find a tree I like from the selection?

  • This has very rarely happened but if it does we will gladly return the next day with a new selection free of charge

Does it cost extra to attach my stand and erect my tree?

  • No, both are part of our delivery service

How does the tracking work?

  • At any time we are happy to update you on your delivery status by utilising the geo tracking of our vans

Can I change my order and/or delivery time/date?

  • Of course, please email us with a few options and we will gladly assist you

What areas do you deliver to?

  • Please visit our “Delivery Areas” page

What are your delivery/removal dates for 2019/20?

  • We deliver from November 25th to December 20th excluding Mondays when we are closed and we remove from January 4th to January 9th

What is the best way of contacting you?

  • Email is the best option as we are not always available by phone –

Do you offer same day delivery?

  • Yes, subject to how busy we are. Please call 0892568353 to check our availability

Do you offer next day delivery?

  • We certainly do, our cut off time for next day deliveries is 2pm

Do you support any charities?

  • We certainly do, we support Alone based in Kilmainham –