Help & FAQs

What kind of selection of trees will I get?

  • On your day of delivery we will arrive with a selection of the size of tree you ordered

What if I don’t find a tree I like from the selection?

  • This has very rarely happened but if it does we will gladly return the next day with a new selection free of charge

Does it cost extra to attach my stand and erect my tree?

  • No, both are part of our delivery service

How does the “Live Tracking” work?

  • Similar to AnPost or FedEx you will receive a tracking ID number that will allow you to see how close your delivery is

Can I change my order and/or delivery time/date?

  • Of course, you can do so by logging into your account and editing your order

What areas do you deliver to?

  • Please visit our “Delivery Areas” page

What are your delivery/removal dates for 2019/20?

  • We deliver from November 27th to December 22nd excluding Mondays when we are closed and we remove from January 3rd to January 8th

What is the best way of contacting you?

  • Email is the best option as we are not always available by phone –

Do you offer same day delivery?

  • Yes, subject to how busy we are. Please call 0892568353 to check our availability

Do you offer next day delivery?

  • We certainly do, our cut off time for next day deliveries is 5pm

How does refer a friend work?

  • When you refer a friend that books with us we will give you both €5! Please note customers may only refer new customers who have not booked with us in the last year

Do you support any charities?

  • We certainly do, we support Alone based in Kilmainham –