Environmentally Conscious Christmas Trees?

Environmentally Conscious Christmas Trees?

More and more we are seeing that being environmentally conscious is not just a desire but a necessity! So here at Fir we’ve put together a couple of True & False statements to clear the air on the matter of buying real or fake.

Cutting down Christmas trees is always bad for the environment (False)

Any tree cut is always replaced with a new sapling which continues to provide a natural habitat for the local flora and fauna in the area

The greenest real tree is the one that’s bought locally and recycled (True)

Our trees are exclusively sourced from Co. Wicklow and are always recycled so that our carbon footprint is to the very minimum

Buying a fake tree best supports your local economy (False)

Predominantly fake trees are manufactured and shipped from China and then sold on by large corporate entities. When you buy a real tree from us not only do you support your local economy but provide jobs to those who would otherwise not have work during the winter season. It’s a win win!

A real Christmas tree soaks up over a ton of CO2 a year (True)

Even more so than Oak trees, conifers are one of the best trees for absorbing CO2 emissions having a positive effect on Global Warming

A 6.5ft artificial tree has a carbon footprint equivalent to about 40kg of greenhouse gas emissions (True)

A real tree that is recycled by chipping can have a negligible or even negative emissions according to Dr John Kazer of the Carbon Trust

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