Buy 1 tree, we’ll plant 2. One for next year and one forever!

We are excited to share that from 2021 on-wards we will begin to plant a second tree for every Christmas tree that we sell! One Christmas tree here in Ireland and a second tree in Africa. This is possible with the help of One Tree Planted, a non-profit charity organisation that Fir has partnered with.

The second tree will never be cut and is our way of helping tackle deforestation and climate change. This will be a first for any Christmas tree company and we are proud to lead the way!! Hurray for us!

Our focus will be Ethiopia, Rwanda & Kenya, all beautiful parts of the world that need immediate help that we can give! After considerable research and consideration we have decided to choose three types of trees to plant… (see below)

Fun fact: Did you know that per capita, we Irish (north & south), are one of the most charitable countries in the world! Let’s keep that up and share the love by helping reforest our world.