Refer A Friend

Earn €5 for you and your friend* when you refer them to Fir

*a “friend” must be a new customer who has not booked with us in the last 12 months

Sharing is caring, and here at Fir, we encourage all our customers to spread the word about how much they love what we do! Our Refer A Friend program will save you and your friend €5 each.

So how does it work?

Firstly place an order for €75 or more. Then every time you refer a friend to Fir, you’ll be eligible to earn a €5 credit.

As soon an your friend places an order you’ll receive the €5 in your account to use for current or future purchases. Keep referring friends and keep earning credits!

How to share?

You’ll have the option to share immediately after you place your order or alternatively go to your account page where you’ll find “Refer a Friend” in the left column (

There are lots of options of how you can share!

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FAQ About Referring Friends

Q: How many credits (€5) do I get per friend that books?

A: You’ll get one credit for every friend that books

Q: How much do I need to spend to be eligible for a credit?

A: You must place an order for €75 or more

Q: How much does my friend need to spend to be able to use their credit?

A: They also must place an order for €75 or more

Q: What happens if my friend cancels their booking?

A: Sadly if they cancel you will also loose your credit

Q: Can I use my credits as cash?

A: No, this offer has no cash value and is non-transferable